Michael Johnson began as a corporate motivational speaker in 1997 shortly after making history at the 1996 Olympics where he became the first man to ever win gold at 200 meters and 400 meters at the same Olympics. So impressive was his performance under unimaginable pressure that he was soon being sought by organizations from around the globe to share his formula for success.

After winning the 400 meters and 4x400 relay at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, he retired, finishing his career with 19 international gold medals without a single silver or bronze. Since his retirement, Michael has excelled as a keynote speaker working with such companies as Microsoft, UBS Bank, Sony and Proctor & Gamble to name a few. Michael Johnson’s appeal is global. As an athletic hero, award winning television pundit, successful entrepreneur, and effective motivational speaker he is known to many and sought after to motivate and inspire employees of some of the world’s leading organizations.

Michael’s powerful presentations inspire, excite, and motivate his audience to achieve greater success!

- World Renowned Motivational Speaker
- Award Winning Television Broadcaster
- Newspaper columnist and author
- Olympic Legend
- Successful Entrepreneur

Michael Johnson’s Gold Rush Book is a compelling analysis of the fascinating combination of psychological and personal qualities, as well as internal and external factors, that go to create an Olympic champion. This exciting new book is based on Michael Johnson’s own experiences as an iconic four-time Olympic champion, and on the knowledge he has gleaned as a top-class coach and motivational speaker. It also features, uniquely, more than a dozen exclusive and insightful interviews with Olympic legends from across several different sports who between them have claimed more than 50 gold medals over the past 30 years.

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